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It is just that time of year--busy busy busy. To think that at this time last year we were spending all our extra hours working on the house, Mom Hawk was here probably 15 hours a week (or more?) on various projects, and we were still trying to pick out red for the dining room. Now, we can't imagine how "un-us" that red would have become.

In celebration of the first year of our marriage, we decided to do a professional photo shoot. No, we're really not that narcissistic (I swear!), we just love looking at photos of our family members, and now with a baby on the way, we saw this as a great way to create memories our children and children's children can appreciate. When others have heard the idea, they love it!

So, the back story: we spent a number of months reviewing local photographers. After the wedding, this was the only wedding-like-thing that I was still rather obsessed with. And when we attended the Katie&Miles, we were so impressed by their photographers that I began to follow them (online---I'm not a stalker!). After months of scheduling and rescheduling, we finally worked in a date with the young couple of Woodnote Photography: Jayden & Caroline.

They were WAY too much fun, so flexible and accommodating, and gave us more time than we deserved (almost 4 hours!). Caroline is now blonde, and the same quirky attitude exuding from the photo above? All over them in real life. We had such a good time that when we left, Hawk and I said to each other, "We could hang out with them again." Cheers to a budding new friendship!

(It certainly helps that Jayden is a master mandolin player. No one understands Hawk properly who doesn't understand the allure of the mandolin. And no, he's holding a banjo in the photo above.)

Without further ado, here were our favorites of the favorites from the day...

All the stair shots were taken at Lake Park Bistro, a Bartolotta Restaurant and (I think) a part of Frederick Olmsted Law's Milwaukee project. He's the same guy who did Chicago's World's Fairh in 1892 and New York's Central Park. It's much more beautiful in spring and mid-summer, but it still makes a great photo here.

They shot this shot when we were really laughing. I had no idea I throw my body backwards like that.

I love this one. Hawk looks so serious. This is the look he gives me when he's really listening.

I think Caroline was making us laugh here--without trying (or maybe they're just that good!). We talked like crazy throughout the day, and they just kept shooting. We loved how there is a mix of focused shots with those taken when we weren't "trying".

Hawk's smile here is the best. Totally natural. Totally him.

And this is the one I picture our kids loving someday when we're too old to remember the story behind it.

Hawk's youngest sister, Lindsay, gave us Ace this plush, cozy rabbit. We couldn't resist bringing it in for a few shots, though they took the second shot with my hand on my belly in the event that future viewers were perplexed by its relevance.

We went down to the walking bridge under an iron railroad bridge above Milwaukee River (and near the infamous Lakefront Brewery). The wood is so beautiful both on the floor boards and railings.

And since this was no longer just an anniversary shoot but also a 6-month-pregnant shoot, we couldn't forget Ace!

We also picked up a few balloons. The wind was blowing so hard that most of them shoot straight north.

This one is particularly sweet visually:

Love this picture. Love it. Except for one thing. Pregnancy "grows a girl" in interesting places. Let's just say this is the "where's Waldo" picture of my new twins---they're just doing whatever they please. 

When I showed that one to Dad Hawk, he laughed so hard he teared up.
End the balloon segment on an even note (hee hee):

Then, we had a little baby-balloon fun...

And with the light fading, Caroline & Jayden took some crazy shots. I have no idea how they did this...

And, let's face it, I'm whipped...

Thank you for taking a look at the shoot. We hope you enjoyed it. And remember to check out Woodnote Photography for more. Even their background music is spectacular!



  1. seriously, I wish I was as much fun as you two. :)

  2. oh my gosh. i can't TELL you how blown away we are by all the kind words!! you two are possibly *the* most darling couple on earth, and it was truly our pleasure to spend time with you/photographing you.

    oh, and about the cheers to a new friendship? BRING IT ON!!

    thanks again, lovies..! xo

  3. Katie,
    It's all in the camera work. We're really boring people, you know that;)
    Miss you!

  4. Caroline!
    Seriously, we loved it! Thank you so much!


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