etsy friday : mando

I've received a request. Hawk wants a mandolin-themed etsy friday, and as I enjoy a challenge, I have complied. 

What is a mandolin? According to Webster, it is "a musical instrument of the lute family that has a usually pear-shaped body and fretted neck and four to six pairs of strings." Is it me, or does Webster seem a little run-on-sentence-ish today?

Where can you hear a great example? Here's one of my favorites (be still my heart, that opening harmony...but beware, there's a swear word!), and here's my definite favorite song, oh, and here's one more!

Now how to pull off an etsy friday...

First, you need a mandolin and a cute brunette to model it.

Then, you need a strap to hold it around you.

And a solid pic.

And inspiration (from the master, Chris Thile).

And inspiration for the future generation.

And a bit of art.

Somewhere to record lyrics.

Some flashy frosting.

And something special for the kiddo (hint, Ace's favorite aunt, hint).

Happy Friday!

~j & Hawk


  1. oh wow - this is brilliant! I loved looking at your blog - so neat to get a "peek" into another persons world, so intimate too.

    Thank you kindly for the feature, I truly appreciate it.

    Marla aka WrenWillow

  2. Our pleasure! We're happy to feature you:)

  3. beautiful post, love your thoughtful blog. thanks so much for the mention. y'all made my day:)



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