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Do you have a place you can get to within minutes and feel like you're away from it all? With everything we've been doing to prepare for Ace's official "arrival," with our work schedules and other events, we desperately needed an afternoon for our couple selves. Something where we weren't working on the house, weren't really spending a ton of money ($6 total), and could actually expend energy rather than take it in.

We have one a few special places within a 45 minute drive, but one very special place just up the road.
The Audobon. Only 2 miles up the road. A pretty road, with wealthy old houses to look at on the way. We wanted to get out before the baby "arrives," before the colors are lost, before the cold snap snaps us. And autumn is really one of the best times of the year, whether you're a summer or winter buff. I prefer the winter, and Hawk prefers the summer, so this is the one time of year we're both really happy.

Shot looking down into one of the small ravines.

A selfie. I seriously look best in selfies. I'm not saying I look great. Just that in every other photo? Not so much. So on a scale, these are my best. Maybe because I'm partially hidden:)

Small creek...

Very fun bridge down into a ravine and back up the other side.

Ohhh, yellow...

We found this over-turned tree. I was joking about how Sleepy Hollow it looks. My first pose was much more appropriate, but Hawk said I looked stupid. He was probably right. But it would have been funny. We want Ace to think we're funny. 

Love this! So many of the trees had a sort of shading effect, moving from bright yellow to deep oranges and reds near the branch tips.

Oh, it's like a couple of leaves. As in a "couple," like a dating relationship. (I'm a dork).

The Audobon main building is swell. We've been to a couple of weddings there, and I like how simple it is.

After a bit more walking, we encountered a very nice, though perhaps overly thorough kind stranger who encouraged us to hit the look-out tower. We found it pretty fast. So here's me endangering our unborn child checking out the view by climbing way too high and standing near a solid railing above the tree line.

Notice how the railing is much more suited for my safety than for those tall people out there:

Pretty shot overlooking Lake Michigan.

And last but not least, turkeys. That's right folks, all around the Audobn, there are wild turkeys. This happened to be in someone's lawn at the edge of the park. They're bigger than they look here!

Hope this finds you well!


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