smell swell: win a candle or two!

Hello faithful readers!

Lately, I've been obsessed with this:
Before Ace, I couldn't stop cleaning the house in part because I adore the scent of Mrs. Meyer's Geranium products. Since becoming all preggo-my-eggo, I practically gag at it (not your fault, Mrs. Meyer's! I'll never give you up!). Two of my perfumes are lost to me, and laundry even makes me sick. With problems like this, I won't even tell you about those bad garbage smells that waft from...well, the garbage.

The only scent I can stand, and certainly the only one I crave (besides coffee ice cream...) is this Autumn candle from Bath & Body Works.

Everyone asks us when the baby is coming. Love that question. I know when it is scheduled to arrive, but of course, it's already here--so whenever Ace decides she/he has had enough of those cozy cramped quarters and makes an appearance, we'll let you know. These happy excited people are starting to make us REALLY worried that Ace is going to come early...

For now, would you humor us with a gamble? We're prepared to give a $10 gift card to Bath & Body Works so you can pick up 2 of the smaller candles, now $5.00 each instead of $9.95:

How to enter:

  • Comment below with the phrase: Smell Me Swell and include your guess as to the calendar date and the time of the birth (make sure to include AM or PM).
  • You're going to have to include a way for us to contact you. For those of you non-google members who hate leaving your name publicly, make up a new one and comment with "Name/URL." You can then type in your email address instead of your URL. We don't suggest that you put your email address in your comment area--who knows who might email you!
  • We will leave the comments open until Ace officially arrives on the scene!
Enjoy, and thank you for encouraging us so much in this new way of life...

j & Hawk


  1. smell me swell...
    november 23rd 1:06pm

  2. Ellie (your sister):

    Nov. 23rd, early morning.


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