etsy : how 'bout them apples

My sister-in-law, Ellie, is completing her post-graduate studies in the Big Apple. She recently discovered that she attends the same church as an actor from the film Good Will Hunting, an actor who just happens to be in that infamous apple-scene. So in honor of our dear, sweet Ellie, whom we miss terribly, here's a little etsy fun all about, you guessed it...apples.

First, a little nod to our greatest inspiration:

Ellie in blue, Ellie in Lindsay's Bucks-shirt, Ellie in her prime.

And now, on to etsy...

Happy Friday everyone. Hawk and I hope to go hiking before his big high school reunion on Saturday. Maybe I'll make an apple pie after inspiration like this... Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. Yay Ellie! Congrats!!!
    And I'm tickled you featured my print!!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. how creative to do apples. I love this etsy series. keep it up!


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