paint it black

It's 1:35am. 

Ace is moving around with gusto, and my mind is racing--two things I'm sure are due to the caffeine I permitted myself around 5:00pm as an aid to an evening of work.


How I miss the days when my body depended on caffeine so much that it would never dare keep me awake at night for fear of being deprived in the morning. Someday, I will get you back. Along with beer, wine, and my cute jeans from the Buckle. Yes, the Buckle. Don't knock it. They tailor.

Hawk leaves for a business trip in the morning. Exciting and fun, but I'm going to miss him terribly. Yes, sappy. No, it's not just because we're newlyweds (I think....Does 17 months make us newlyweds? Answer, yes. If I'm still counting in months, then yes. Thank you for participating in this conversation with myself). It's (also) because we truly strive to be good to each other and to increase in love.

So, enough about 1:40am writing spells. Let's move on to design.

I came upon this blog post recently. I first knew about the highlighted home from another post many months ago, and when I saw this new post about the changes of a room depending on who is and why they are photographing. I thought you might enjoy it, too.

And I also want to paint our dining room black. Which I have never told Hawk. Because if I did, he would roll his eyes and say, "Really. Black. Hm." A short "hm," not one of those long "hmmmmm"s. With an eyebrow raise, a slight movement of the head, and an internal monologue similar to: "My wife is nuts. Thank God we have joint checking accounts, and I am very very good-looking."

And now it's 1:44. Ugh.

Enjoy the few photos I've placed here, and please do check out the original article on Habitually Chic--its so very interesting!

Happy Monday. You rock. Thank you especially to our new subscribers! Are you guys addicted to goolge.reader, too? I really thought few people read this blog and then, wham! I checked our subscriber list. Wow. Thank you!

1:51. Go to bed me.


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