a home makes a marriage

Thanks for hangin' in there with our month away!
In the almost-month I've been away from blogging, we've asked a few questions about why we blog and how blogging changes now that our little one is around. As I write, Hawk is holding him so I can get a few paragraphs out without withholding attention from our son. That in and of itself is a difference, eh?

And we began this blog after reflecting on how the work we do on/in the house mirrors lessons we learn about our marriage.I struggle with how personal and specific (two very different matters) we should be on the blog, but we keep coming back to our tagline: two newlyweds learn from their nest's needs what really makes a marriage. Pretty difficult to be impersonal when talking about marriage. 

So among the home tours I finagle from friends and neighbors, the decore inspiration images, the diys we accomplish or only hope to accomplish, giveaways, and more, we'll be drawing out more devote time for you. Or at the very least, letting that be the underlying theme behind each post.

Glad to be back!



  1. Sweet, precious baby! And looking right into the camera lens, too!

  2. Look at that little bunny! Adorable!!

  3. I think that it is just the other way around...that a marriage makes a home. Cute, cute baby!! Wishing you all the best in life to come.

  4. Love the pics! Just started reading relatively recently. Hope to see you in real life soon.


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