I spilled beer on my Mac, and reason I am so SMRT #1

For those of you in Reader (or some variation), did you pop over because that title is so ludicrous? I mean, she couldn't be that foolish, could she?

Oh friends, I assure, it's true and I am. In honor of this event and in homage to the plethora of past events that will forever be unsung, we're starting a new segment called, reason I am so SMRT. For those of you who enjoy a little Simpson time now and then, this title may be familiar.

And while we're at it, let's enjoy a moment with the man who introduced the word, plethora, to my vocabulary.

How did it happen you might ask. Well, I was advised by sonny-boy's pediatrician to partake of one lovely beverage per day to aid in the increase of my supply. And in the first month, Cormac would sleep on me once a day, ensuring a good nap. I would hunker down and read or watch a show. One of these times, I managed to pour some out an my Mac keyboard, but the worst thing is, I don't remember doing it! The next time I booted up, it didn't boot. So I told Hawk, made an appointment with the Genius Bar, and didn't think about it.  Until he called me from oh Genius land. To say they found beer in it. Smelled so strong that one guy almost got in trouble for drinking on the job. 

Doesn't that just sound terrible? My wife was nursing our newborn and must have spilled her beer on it. And then, we heard the happy news: it was done-for.

Since then, we were able to replace it through insurance and even transport the hard drive with its hundreds of photos from the last year.  Thank goodness. Just too bad it wasn'y before I lost all my pride.

Happy Monday!


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