it can lightning in SNOW?!

Apparently, yes. Who knew?
courtesy of my iphone

So we're now in the trenches of our big midwestern storm-of-the-last-decade. The above photo was taken in the nursery. Doesn't look like much, but you can see the snow collecting. And snow doesn't collect there. Ever. It's collecting now because snow is being flung at our house like one of those Keanu Reeves or John Cusack or Nick Cage end-of-the-world films. (Yeah, I never saw them either). If you turn off the lights and look outside, you see white-out conditions, lightning, and the big bad tree in front of our house swaying like seagrass in the summer wind. Yikes.

Unless our power or furnace go out, I'm delightfully happy. We cancelled work tonight, and our friends made us a dinner (to help us with my transition back to work) of beef tenderloin (yummmmm), and Cormac went down around 9:30. You'd think that with the bottle of wine we received from Monday's-friend-meal, the fresh loaf of bread and the new bottle of Tuscan Olive Oil, we'd be sitting leisurely, but no...we're dorks.

I cleaned and Hawk paid bills. Yup. Not gonna lie---I'm really happy, and we feel fulfilled. I scrubbed the kitchen floor, finished loads of laundry, swept other rooms, straightened still more, and showered (why have a clean house if you're dirty?). Hawk figured out those lovely labor, delivery, and Hilton Hospital bills, sorted unkept mail, and reworked our new official budget. We are budgetized.

We rock at budgetizing. For and serious. 

We're finally calling it a night, and I'm eager for tomorrow. No where to go, no one to meet. Just our little family, housebound. Nothing to do but spend the day together. 



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