i can be romantic

Like I said on Friday, we don't get too into V-day in our house. I'm not huge on roses; I'd rather get blooms for no reason than to enliven our home. And Hawk just likes a quality meal.It's not that we don't like what it represents, just that I think we'll have more fun with it when our kids get older.

So it caught him quite by surprise when I did something. The idea came to me a little over a week ago. We both value encouraging words and need to know that the other believes in and supports us. Over the last few days, I've been using my Momento app to keep track of things I love about him. From the very beginning I envisioned throwing them on the wall pretty much as you see above. You can take it or leave it, I don't mind.  I just wanted something un-heart-ish, fluid-looking, and in these three shades of pink and red.

In no time at all I'd amassed 70 loves including our vows, "i love you in sickness," "i love you in health," and memories like "i love you for protecting me from lightning," which refers to a 4th of July 2006 incident when a bolt of lightning struck 50 feet from where he, Ellen, and i were walking. I wrote them on paper, taped and pasted them between 2:15-3:45am...You do what you can with the time you've got.


Here are a few at eye-level...

Happy Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed a little insight into my rare romantic times. Let me know if you ever do something similar and I'll post it!!



  1. You are awesome! This looks (and is) so cool.

  2. Thanks Beekay! Love the encouragement, AND your pic. Where is that?


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