it's all about your lens

Where are all the crazy-obsessed-parent posts including baby pictures? Well, Hawk and I agreed that I would rarely post a photo of our son online, and we are both opposed to anything but being tagged on Facebook. We're concerned about his privacy, our privacy, and keeping crazy people from hanging photos of our son in their dining rooms. (Hey, you never know).

I got a new camera for Christmas. It was the big gift from our parents, and I couldn't be more grateful. I requested it because I wanted to capture with quality every photo of our children (Cormac and those yet to be). As many of you know, I'm an amateur Photoshop gal, so I love messing around with filters, actions, etc. I'll post soon about the camera itself.

Here's one of our very limited public shots. Using the new camera, of course. I'm thinking I'll want to repeat this for each kiddo.

Happy Thursday!



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