etsy friday : stripe me sally

Who's Sally? She's the gal that can pull off any stripe ensemble without looking like vinyl siding or a jailbird. She could be me. She could be you. 

I love stripes. I'm not into the whole trend of horizontally painted wall stripes though. Don't hate me, but I think it looks a little 90's. Course, I think that about any faux wall treatment save pearl sheen or that strangely beautiful french sanded wall look that I wish we had kept in our dining room---it was the result of using our unused paint as primer, and it looked SO cool. See below...Just the top section, of course.
note: this is not Sally. Tis me mother in law. She's great.

Moving on. I love stripes on babies. (LOVE stripes on babies' clothing). I love those sailor shirts with blue and white stripes. Love striped rugs, pillows, blankets, curtains, and even heels. I think there is a striped object for everyone to love out there. It's classic, fun, and somewhat funk.

I've chosen a handful of pursuable striped objects from etsy today. Enjoy! Let me know if you ever purchase something we've highlighted. I'd love to hear that we added a little traffic to a great vendor!

um, yeah, so I couldn't resist those last two. So what about you? Where do you like stripes?



  1. Great list of stripy things! Thanks for including my book! My name is spelled with a C, though. Just so you know :)

  2. You have a wonderful blog and this is a beautiful post of striped object! Thank you for including my teal striped cotton washcloths here!

  3. If you ever have a little girl, I hope you will have her photographed in large flowers, peapods, pumpkins, etc., in the style of Anne Geddes, who was a favorite of yours in your teen years.

  4. Thank you for including my blue striped ring in your wonderful blogpost! Made my Friday:)


    Thanks so much supporting handmade and including my bag !

  6. I love stripes everywhere, except vertically on hair. Uh, black and blond stripy hair just scares me. I'm following you after stumbling across your blog.

    Love Free



  7. Thank you, Cathy, KC, Mindy, and Ika! I was happy to hit upon your work.

  8. Free,

    You're cool. Welcome to the nest.



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