nothing says "welcome" like a broken door

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Nothing says "Come on in!" like a cold, eye-sore door, right? Well, ours is not bad, it's just not great. Really. But it isn't energy efficient and the stoop below it is falling apart. Hawk and I really need new doors. Both front and back. We're eager to install new doors this summer (we hope) along with a few other fixer-upper items.

Here are some of my favorite residence doors from the web...

Craftsman Home traditional entry

Lot 77 Front door traditional entry

Outside Lighting traditional entry

Oakley Home Builders

What do you like more? Wood doors or another material? Windows or no windows? 

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Prefer no windows so someone can't look in and case the joint while waiting for an answer. Also prefer wood but, metal insulated doors more energy efficient.

  2. Ooooh! I would love gorgeous doors! I like wooden doors with lots of glass panes. Rectangles, please. I have one w/ a weird shape and another w/ a palladian window. Not my faves.

  3. I would love to have a door that is floor to ceiling window panes. You can get full length sheers and put as many on as you can fit and still let in sunshine. Wood would be pretty but I don't know how it would look on our house. Thought about replacing doors after seeing some pretty ones at Menards but we can't afford it.


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