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I'm back from retreat (I'll tell you how it went later this week) and I'm itching to start a home project. Hawk spent the weekend tearing up our lawn and replanting grass, moving a few flowered plants around, and generally being manly.

Here's my next project:
I grabbed it from our neighbors dump pile (shhhhh, they're right next door) last summer. It was just too good to pass up. And for those of you who know about our flood x 2 events in the Milwaukee area summer 2010, dontcha worry---this was not in a flooded basement. Though our street flooded, our block did not. Our living room did, but that's another story.

I wanted to keep the board form to create a new butt-frame (or whatever you call it) but it was in really bad shape. I was preggers at the time and didn't want to breathe anything in. Heck, I'm still glad I tossed it. I still don't want to breathe it in.
The stuffing was messy and torn.
 Yuck. Mold. At least you can see where the previous owner was able to re-do the fabric.

So I plan to paint it and create a new butt-frame with a fun fabric. Here are a few inspiration photos for ya. I'm really drawn toward what I labeled the "chair most similar" and the "lovelovelove." Which do you like more? White frame or dar?

Happy Monday! It's great to be back. 


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