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Yesterday, I gave you a sneak preview into our neighborly playdate. For Callan and I, this date was a first! We live on the most wonderful block---dare I say it---in the world. This is quite possibly no exaggeration. There are half a dozen couples with children just a bit older than Callan and one iconic couple who take bike rides and wear fedoras and make the rest of us look very midwestern. And here's the best part: we like them all. Every last one. I'm happy when they stop us on the sidewalk, I run out to catch a few minutes of convo with them, and I am so grateful that Callan gets to watch their children and learn from them. And the iconic couple makes me want to be a stylish mom because they're so dang good-looking and sweet.

So we invited the ladies and their spawn over for the lunch hour to make some finger-paintings for Daddy's Day. I was so pleased when the ladies said yes. Everyone brought something extra for each other---cookies, paints, canvases, and a newborn. 
While the kiddos painted away, I snapped photos. Here are my favorites from the day.


Callan making his masterpiece (and drooling).

Big smiles from Daisy* and Patty:

Rose* and Carmen:

Baby love and C-man's mama, Virginia; can you believe she came on a playdate with a newborn and a 2-year-old? How cool is that?

The girls tried to play with Callan, but half the time he wasn't sitting up so they just made faces and let him giggle.

And one of my favorite photos of the little guy, propped up by Virginia.

I also had a shot of all their finished work, but the lighting was so bright I couldn't even adjust it to make out the paint. Sorry!

Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful day. We had a blast, and Hawk loved the personal touch. Literally.

*I changed their names because you just never know...



  1. Looks like SO much fun! So sad that *Huck and I couldn't join in on the day! My poor sick puppy! But proud to say I'm a part of this cool neighborhood you live in! Looking forward to more fun playdates! :P

  2. Nellie, love it: huck!! We really missed you, so next month when we hold another one, we've got to make sure you guys can make it. You were sorely missed!


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