go to sleep...go to sleep...shhh

Happy Monday!

Dear Monica: Thanks for the email. Yes I WILL be calling you to discuss. You said it perfectly: "I feel like I spent most of the first year talking and reading (and crying) about sleep." 

Dear Hums: Thank you for making time for our wee family yesterday. I can't believe you're moving away from Seattle. 'Member how I cleared out our camera for the occasion and then promptly forgot to take a single photo? Ugh. But at least our memories are great.

Dear Sleep: Someday, we will reunite. Someday my son will be your friend. Until then, at least I have this to encourage me:



  1. I must say that book is hilarious. I can still remember feeling that way and it has been almost 10 years!! xo

  2. is your title a reference to T's fav bedtime book? :)


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