tent heaven

My parents took us camping constantly as kids. best. thing. ever. I can't say enough about how influential and positive those trips were for me. I have only incredible memories of our family and adventures, and none of it involved a plane, a hotel, a babysitter/au pair, $$$, new clothes, tickets. I can't wait to take our kids camping. Thanks to the Bruces and Shelly, we received a tent for our wedding. I almost bought a camping stove for $15 (but Hawk said no), and we can always cook with aluminum in the fire. I've actually never camped using a stove, so what I don't know I can't miss.

I am not eager for Ace to be even a day older than he is, but I am eager to give him and his future bros and sisses experiences like this:

sleep update :: Last night was better. Mom Hawk gave me an afternoon to catch up on work, shower, clean the house a bit, and I did. I needed it. Let's just say I was somewhat of a wreck. Ace didn't nap for her, just like he didn't for me, so he was pretty tired when he came back. But having that afternoon to recoup helped me stay very calm and lose the tension and stress as I put him to bed. Hawk settled him back down when he woke two hours later, and he didn't wake to nurse until almost 6 hours after he first fell asleep! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

And thank you for all the encouraging words coming our way---especially the comments. WE LOVE COMMENTS on the blog! Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. This blog is the ONE thing I do with any creativity--the one thing I get for pure fun and leisure at this busy time in our lives, and it gives me so much joy to correspond with y'all in any way.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


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