nesting : so what's the plan, stan?

Happy Monday!

I've mentioned before that I am approaching this new stay-at-home lifestyle a certain way. I'd love to tell you a little more about that so you can either make fun of me (in the privacy of your own home) or enjoy the adventure of lived trial and error as I pursue perfection.

Perfection? you say. Surely you're deluding yourself. Quite obviously as a fallen human and as, well, me, I will never ever reach perfection. But what on earth is the point of aiming for 80%? Or 60%? I've always loved that quip, shoot for the stars and you'll at least hit the moon. Set the bar high, see the ideal and go for it, and then love the result even though it is less than the ideal but way more than previously conceived.

I have a lot to learn about homemaking. I'm sure you'll all agree that my generation and possibly those immediately before and after it have little experience, understanding, and admiration for homemaking. Sure, as a hobby maybe, but I've heard comments about all those stay-at-home moms who have nothing better to do with their time so they. . . .

MY THREE homemaking GOALS:

  1. To keep house in its entirety, creating a comforting, clean, and efficient sanctuary for family and friends.
  2. To raise our children well by understanding and investing in each current developmental level and being fully present to them.
  3. To be a good wife and mother.*

I love to read, and I often learn best when I am able to study the written word with a goal in mind. I can take things at my own pace, and books give me a constant friend to consult with questions. To the first end, I'm quite actively working my way through one of my very favorite books, Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. To the second end, I'm reading The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson and using Montessori resources, my own ingenuity, and my son's lead.

Later this week I'll highlight each goal and its corresponding guide (and some caveats), showing you a few of the points I hope to accomplish under each and some interim goals to get me started this fall.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


*I'll spend time on the blog discussing the first two, but the third may be reserved for private conversation. It is a matter of personal character development, and I don't think you're really here to read too much about that.

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