the mess we've made

Well, I really made the mess alone. And Hawk returned from work, saw it, rolled his eyes and said, really.

Our living room has never been very post-worthy. We just haven't had the money and time to put into it--we'd rather spend both of those in other areas like the dining room and babyland. And baby medical bills. Which are less than baby-like.

I digress.

Our living room looked like this last fall:

And then like this last Christmas.

And like this last week.

Yikes. Don't come a knockin' at this joint just yet. I need to let you know how I'm approaching this whole new homemaking venture. Unlike that photo indicates, it is rather organized and somewhat planned out. Rather and somewhat in a good way. It definitely involves another period of deep purging and decluttering. The likes of our first apartment. More on that later.

Suffice it to say that I won't be showing any updates of the house interior anytime soon. I know, take those knuckles from your mouth, you can relax now.

So Happy Wednesday, everybody. Hump day is here and I hope yours is smashing!


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