being pregnant : what makes it great

Okay. For those of you who fear being pregnant or who hear(d) only negative things like stretch marks, saggy lady lumps, total discomfort, terrible labors, etc.

Here's some good news.

Pregnancy and labor/delivery are pretty darn great. 
My dear friend, Stacy, became pregnant 6 months before I did with our firstborns. We would get together with a couple of friends once a week and each time, she would speak with such wonder about the experience of being pregnant. At that time, we'd been trying unsuccessfully, so hearing someone appreciate what I myself could not yet experience made me want to hear more, made me excited.

I chose to be the same kind of woman throughout my pregnancy. Regardless of how I felt or what I experienced, I chose to talk only of the good, tweak the "rougher" moments with the same mindset a runner feels the burn. Even more, I had a sense of just how incredibly lucky Hawk and I were to even get to be pregnant, and how great it was each additional day with him -- before we even knew he was a him.

Yesterday, Joanna Goddard, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote about this very topic at length. The comments alone are inspiring! Please check it out!


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