a little change is coming

I get bored with the same ole same ole thing. I was t that long ago that I reworked the olor sche E of the site, but after a year of it I'm ready for a change. This week, I'll be working out those kinks, so you may pop on and see things looking a little alien. Never fear, it will improve by Monday. By the way, I'm writing this from the doctor's office while waiting for my glucose test to take effect and WHAM, I'm getting kicked in rib and spleen as little Obie gets a taste. Forgive the subsequent typos. Hawk is on va-cay this week so we've got date nights, dinner guests, and three days at his parents' new Up Nort cabin planned with the couple who was with us when Hawk proposed. They have a wee newborn lass, so we can't wait to hAng out! Have a truly lovely day, friends!

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