pinterest friday : living room makeover

Happy Friday, friends! I am seriously considering doing a living room makeover on a budget (obviously) since Hawk and I have a new project up our sleeve (wink wink...we're so excited!). Originally, he wanted to paint the living and dining rooms a much more defined gray tone. I was SO hesitant because I gravitate toward creams and light neutrals with interchangeable pops of color thrown in. But after 2.5 years of this greige-more-beige I'm bored. Really bored.

I also realized that I can't hodge-podge the room since so much of what is in there isn't really us. Most of it was either purchased after our wedding or was loaned/given to us by family. Or comes from Hawk's college apartment. Yup. He turns 30 this year and we still use some college items. Don't judge.

You all know I'm obsessed with Pinterest. So here's what I've been reviewing. I'm stuck on 2 color palettes. One is more Hawk and one is more me, but I'll likely end up going with his for two reasons: 1) I should have in the first place rather than settle for an in-between; 2) I get to determine the overall look of the room, so why not go with his sense of tone and give us both a sense of ownership? I mean, it would be different if he was leaning toward some tuscan orange thing (I'm just not into that look), but gray? I LOVE decorating with gray. 

So happy Friday, friends. We hope you get outside and enjoy whatever weather you're getting. We went from 60 degrees on Wednesday to 5" of snow today! Playtime!

Hawk's tones:

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

And here are Jen's picks:

This last one is my favorite of the three---for tones mostly. 

I'm still working on photoshop redesign, so as soon as I have something concrete and realistic to offer you, it'll be up here.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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