love languages in children

The blog, Raising Lemons, is doing a cute series on the 5 Love Languages in children. In lieu of Valentine's Day, I thought you'd enjoy reading it, too, even to see what came out in you as a kid.

the language of quality time

the language of words of affirmation

We've noticed quality time and meaningful touch in Ace, which may just be a sign of his age, but it helps us give a little extra to him and make sure that we give him the attention he needs (like looking him in the eye when we talk to him---even at 14 months!).

Hope you enjoy! I'll give you a sneak peek of Hawk's V-day gift later today.



  1. Jen - Mike and I just read the Love Languages book for ourselves, and, for people that sometimes feel like we've "heard it all" on marriage topics, we were both surprised at how incredibly helpful it was to is, in giving us a new vocabulary to talk about love, and a new awareness of how we show love to each other. I immediately reserved the Love Languages for Children book at the library, and it's coming soon - I'm eager to read this one. I talked to Sam about it briefly while I was reading the marriage book, and he seemed to instantly know his love languages. I'm working on being more aware of them these days.

    Anyway, just a funny coincidence of timing on this post, so I thought I'd share.

  2. Sara,
    That's fantastic! I'm glad to hear more people are finding it worthwhile. When Hawk and I first examined it we were surprised to find his results, and since then, I've worked to attend to it more with great results.

    And with Mac, I've noticed just in the last few days that the more I look him in the eye, sit next to him as he plays, and respond to him immediately when he wants to show me something makes him so happy---and also more free to move away from me when something else takes his interest.

    Keep me updated on the new book. I'd love to hear!



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