our top 5 baby books :: for parents

I could go on and on about how helpful these books were in our preparation for our first child and throughout the first few weeks and months after birth. But I'm going to hold back this time. Suffice it to say that I dealt with the following challenges and these materials really helped us get through them and move beyond them:
water breaking; 
pushing contractions for 8 hours; 
natural childbirth; 
low milk supply; 
rough baby sleep habits; 
food allergies; 
total sudden milk loss when we became pregnant with Obie; 
cow's milk intolerance (after having been on formula for 4 months!)
and more.

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way :: Essential for us both the first time. We're already rereading it for the second. The pictures are funny and awkward, so at the least you'll have a good laugh while you learn. Better than any class we took.

Breastfeeding Made Simple, 1st or 2nd edition :: my favorite. made use of everything. period.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding :: best reference and resource for all things babes & boobies; accompanied by fantastic online and phone care

The Lull-a-baby Sleep Plan :: We didn't agree with everything she said about what not to do, but her general principles seem right on target. We're going to try to implement them with Obie.

The Baby Book :: A great general guide to the first 12 months. For us, it was better than the "What to Expect" series.

We hope you can make use of one of them.

Happy Monday!


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