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One thing I am excited to do is vamp up our laundry area. I know, really Jen?  That's what you're excited for? But for those of you who spend a lot of time per week with laundry, you know you feel it.

Here's my criteria: the pins below have to be able to be accomplished by the average diy-er. They need to be attractive, practical, and functional. Meaning those pins with 2+ dryers? Silliness. Pins with endless storage? Overkill. And it has to be in a relatively small space.

TV while you load? Yes, please. Curtains with stripe? Open shelving? Drum light? mmmmm.

Lantern to help you see your way through the mess. Pretty wallpaper and sweet chicken-wire open shelving.
Source: decorpad.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Soothing green. Makes me want a breath mint or a bouquet. Or both.

Who doesn't love recently laundered kiddos? (especially that baby...)
Source: google.com via Chris on Pinterest

I'm a sucker for easy and neutral. And sweet painted concrete floor.
Source: boligpluss.no via Mari on Pinterest

Can you see me? Here I am! Wait, now I'm hiding...

Window, upper and lower cabinets, yes please. Random orange water can...meh, up to you.
Source: hgtv.com via Caitlyn on Pinterest

Pretty pretty wallpaper. Love me some Oscar-the-Grouch-but-cleaner garbage can.

I want to hug this kid.

Yay. Open shelving. Why not display your collection near your dirty unders? I say go for it.

Happy Friday, friends. Thanks for bearing with us through our illness and for all the emails/comments from people we've never even met but who care anyway and texts from our sweet friend with a wee little baby girl. Means a lot.

Have a lovely weekend. What are your plans? Hopefully something exciting or so relaxing I'd be jealous. We're getting housework done and I finally have a chance to get my yearly eye exam and score some new frames (first time in 6 years!).


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