so this mack truck flew by

and wham! hit me, doubled back, and smacked me again.

That's the only way I know how to describe how I'm feeling. We're on day 6 of being sick but instead of improving, I feel worse as time goes by.

Today is a day of basement work, dishwasher repair, sleep-when-toddler-sleeps, and pray that the house doesn't get any worse days. I'll leave you with these fun links. I have hope that today will see improvement. Never surrender! Never give up hope!

how to paint furniture like a pro
one of the best pieces about how unjust it feels to endure labor & delivery but how transforming
great tutorial for a nursing blanket alternative!
cute etsy shop with very cute prints
I love every shot on my favorite photographers' site
and if you missed it, an easy soup recipe for days like today

Happy Thursday!


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