baby day

Hey friends,

If you're viewing this message it means that what we suspect may be false labor has indeed turned into something more substantial, so we're in the hospital, hopefully meeting our little guy or gal! Labor started between noon and 1pm Sunday, but as I write this around 8pm Sunday night, we're just not sure where this is heading. I suspected the second labor might take longer than the first. Hawk is off to work for an hour or so in the event that he needs to go in tomorrow after all, and I'm busying myself with timing contractions, movies on hulu, prayer, and pinterest (it's Sunday, after all!).

One funny thing: since we've been trained in Bradley, we haven't even thought about heading to the hospital yet. We're waiting for the 5-minutes-apart-and-about-45-seconds-from-beginning-to-peak to happen before we take the plunge. So our friends Mike & Stacy came over to hang out while I labored since it wasn't advancing uber fast. They had to head back now, but wow, did we have a good few hours! SO fun to have friends who come over during labor rather than run away, haha!

And crazy, isn't it, how different two consecutive labors can be in the same woman?

Here's hoping I get to leave this message scheduled for Monday morning and that as you read it, we're holding our little babe!

With appreciation for you all,



  1. Yahoo! Abundant blessings on these first few days as a party of 4.

  2. the suspense is killing me. I am going to make Arch go on facebook tonight...since I am fasting from it. Ah! I can't believe I'm just reading this on Wednesday!!!


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