Today is friday

Hello dear friends. Today is indeed Friday. I am blogging from the nursery rocking chair because the little buddy is still very sick. I've asked myself if I will regret caring for him in this way when there is just so much I want to do before Obie appears, and though I hate feeling disorganized and not well prepared, when I look back on these days I know it will be with grateful mess that I have a son to hold, that my husband can provide for us so I can be present at home, and that as long as Obie is healthy and home we will be just fine. I won't remember the mess or the lack of pantry, basement, and cleaning supply labels, the posts I didn't get to write. Of I am able to do so later, I will put up the links to my favorite projects Fromm the week. I'm so happy we have this little community online. I am very grateful for you. Sincerely, j

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