doubling up :: a series about having your second child

When we got ready to receive our first child into the world there was a plethora of resources at our disposal. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Anything and everything you want to know about pregnancy and having your first is out there at your fingertips.

But what about having a second? Sure, there's less worry about how to diaper, bathe, and hopefully even nurse, but what about having 2 kids at the same time?

At the same time, people.
I was looking at two kids 15 months apart, one of which was a newborn. Needless to say, I got a little worried about how I'd handle it. How was it going to work? What if they both needed me at the same time? How could I curb jealousy in our first before it even had a chance? What would I do if I wasn't sleeping at night because hey, we'd have a newborn, and I couldn't sleep during the day because hey, I had a 15-month-old?

So I approached a few moms I love and respect and asked my questions. The women's lives vary--some have 2 kids, one has 5. Some worked, some didn't.

Five of them are letting me share their responses with you this week! I'm so honored that they would share so much insight with me, and I'm doubly honored that they're opening up their experiences with you.

This evening : Meet the women & Pregnancy with the Second
Tuesday : Preparing for the Arrival of the Second Child
Wednesday : Reality Sets In
Thursday : Sleep & Other Adjustments
Friday : What Makes It Great 

I hope their words will help you as much as they helped me.

Check back this afternoon and each day for something new. And now there are at least 6 women very interested in your comments, so let us know what you think!


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