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Source: art.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Are you looking for new art? We are. We struggle to agree since the only piece we've ever liked was Michele Dangelo's blue & orange canoe painting, at roughly $7,000 smackeroos (and sold, of course, to someone very cool).

Art.com recently did a reno of their site. I like it. Takes a while to load if you have wireless internet and baby monitors going at the same time (try to check it outside of 5-8pm), but fun and interesting for sure. And possibly affordable?

THE BEST THING is that you can save a collection. So say you're trying to design for a particular room. Instead of just labeling and having to search later, or worse, saving everything in a pile on your laptop, you can organize it all online. Brilliant!

Find anything you like? I'm a fan of these, too:

Source: art.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Source: art.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


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