have a lovely weekend!

Source: etsy.com via Jodi on Pinterest

We're laying low for once this weekend. Looks like our town will be back into the 90-100 degree record-breaking heats. Yuck. Times like these I wish we had some kind of pool membership. What are you all up to?

The painting above makes my top-five next purchases for art in our home. Get it before I do here.

A birth story from a friend who misses cherishes her daughter as much as her son.

Have you heard of mullet skirts? I'd love to pull it off if I didn't have man-calves. And check out her arms. Dang.

Have you found Roost yet? If you haven't, her pictures match the quality of her writing. With less than a dozen posts per month, it's worth the wait.

Great idea for an outdoor summer toddler activity station. (Could I fit any more adjectives in there? Or are those modifiers?)

If I was getting married this year, I'd choose something like this or this dress.

While not my style, I love Katie Graham's house tour.

I really really really want these schoolhouse canvas bins.

Doesn't this sound delicious for a rainy-day summer breakfast?


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