hello july, hello friends

July, you midsummer month, you've arrived. This week is full of fireworks, weddings, bloody mary's, sprinklers, and more. Crazy. Can you believe this week is already here?

And as promised, we're back to the blog! I've had my month to reevaluate my time here, and I'm happy to say that things are settled. I know what we're about and I'm happy to give my time to it.

What makes thishawksnest so unique 
is that we see how what we do with our home and the way we do it 
directly shapes who we are.

Basically, we'll post about those tangibles we use or practice that either actually helps in making this house a home or that inspire us to do so and those intangibles that set the tone of our family. You'll see our home and decor alterations and additions, get to try recipes we've cooked, baked, or drank, but you'll also read reflections on how we're trying to raise little men and women of character while working out or own kinks along the way.

Tomorrow, I'll highlight the new things you'll see around the blog itself. And just in time for the The Fourth holiday, we'll let you in on that little Bribe I mentioned.

We're very glad to see you back with us!


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