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Let me take you on a brief tour of the changes we've brought to the site. Feel free to let me know what isn't working or what needs improvement! I do all the changes myself, learning code from online tutorials via great blogs like craftedlove and kevin&amanda, so I'm invested in the final result. I want you to love it, too!

We've changed our byline from learning how transforming a house transforms a marriage to learning how transforming a home transforms a family for a few reasons. First, when we think of house transformation we think of physical demolitions, diys, and decorations. But with a home so much more happens. it is in the aroma from a candle or a dinner. A feel and a sense that things are good. Second, I realized I simply didn't want to put too much detail about our marriage. And we're gaining so much change and insight as a family that the marriage goes follows suit.

We've added a few new pages, and more are coming, a read, make, and bake page to help you navigate through book recommendations for leisure, family, and personal formation (up later this month), a place for those craft/art posts, and quick access to the bakery recipe attempts. In upcoming weeks we're adding even more!

We're introducing some great sponsors in order to partner with and highlight some fantastic, mostly local but all accessible-at-a-distance, small businesses. I'll be giving them each the limelight in upcoming weeks through a new series, local yokal.

We've made our favorite ongoing series and a new series out this month, doubling up, easily accessible. And should my baking attempts perk up, we'll add the bakery to the list as well.

We've added a get to know section for those few extras we'd love you to read such as the 3/50 project, about getting your wallet back in the community and an inch of gray, a profound and deeply moving blog from my first friend in blogland, Anna.

We've taken a ton out to leave us all with a refreshed, uncluttered space.

And lastly, we're in the process of redoing the wedding and house tour pages to get the good stuff up in a crisp and interesting manner. I want it to be easy on the eyes.

Let me know what you think, I'm very interested!

Thanks for hanging on with us through these transitions. You guys are great.


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