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Well, dear readers, the bribe has arrived. As I mentioned in this post I want to hear more from you! But I'm not interested in those giveaways that have you tweet, facebook, or run naked down the street to get multiple entries to things. I'm not looking for impersonal traffic to the site just to boost some numbers.
I want to get to know you. And for joining in the conversation I'd like to offer a token of appreciation.

With my mad amateur photoshop skills, the winner will receive five full-color and five black & white edited file of your five photos. I'll work to get you the image you want to frame. One winner per month.

To enter: Comment on a post, each post*, as often as you can starting this month, 2 maximum entries per person, per day. The first entry must be a comment on the day's post and the second can be a tweet, facebook, or sandwich-sign (if you dare) reported as a comment with the appropriate link. On the last day of the month, I'll catch one commenter via an online randomator. Winner will be announced the next day and contacted via email address**.

Sound good? 

Then let's get to it.


*That was totally misleading--you don't have to hit every post to enter:) You just have more chances to win the more posts you comment.
**I highly suggest you don't actually write your email address in the comment. I've never seen good come of that. Becoming a blogger member is extremely easy, free, and you can maintain your privacy.

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