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(Part II, tomorrow...)
When I first thought of bringing on sponsors to thishawksnest, I knew I wanted to partner with people who invest in their work and in their community and who contribute that personal touch to making a home. I'm very proud to introduce you to Alison Scully of House 8810. She's expecting her third little tyke and managing a brilliant shop.

How did 8810 begin? What was your inspiration for the name?
House 8810 comes from our love of vintage finds and quirky gadgets. We wanted  a place people like us could go and one-stop shop for unique items that have a retro feel but wouldn’t be out of place no matter what home it lives in. House 8810 is the house everyone admires and wants their house to be. We’ve made it easy for you to find those things that will make your house the one people want to hang out in. From comfy throws to fun toys, everyone will feel welcome and comfortable.

What do you most hope your customers take away from their House 8810 experience?
We hope that they get something they love and will cherish forever. Something they’ll show all their guests when they come over. We also want them to know they are getting a great value. You don’t have to spend a lot to give your home style.

Talk about love and cherishing. I found this in the shop and now I've got to get my hands on it for our family:

If you could purchase 3 things from the shop right now, what would they be and why?
Being in love with summer at the moment, I’d buy the children’s play grill for my kiddos. Their favorite thing is to play “food”. They would absolutely love this. I’d also buy the baker’s twine for myself because I love to craft, and I could think of 100 million things I’d use it for. Lastly, I would buy the Wild Frontier Throw. We love blankets in our house. We have a ton and not one of them is unloved. This throw is so soft and cozy, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in it?
What role does creativity play in being human? (i.e., how essential, innate, or foreign is it to being human)
I don’t think being creative is foreign for anyone. I think everyone is a little creative in their own way. Some may not admit it but I think there’s a spark of creativity in everyone. Everyone dreams, right? How creative are dreams?! I don’t think you have to be an artist or crafter to be creative.  Scientists, doctors, IT developers, children, teenagers all have to be creative in their jobs. Creative ways to find cures or that new gadget that will be the next hot thing, or a creative way to cut class! Creativity is an essential part of being human…I think we all have it.

What should your customers know about the website that will help them fully experience 8810?
We tried to set it up to be easily navigated. Being able to go directly to a category and find exactly what you’re looking for. Or if you want to browse and see everything, it’s easy to go through each category and not miss anything.

How do you make your own house a home?
Placing photographs and drawings from my children throughout the house, having our favorite blankets in each room, our favorite music playing in the background, sitting at the same table at the same time for dinner.

Thank you, Alison! I agree, creativity is an essential part of being human and you certainly express it well! I'm honored to have you be part of thishawksnest.

TOMORROW Alison is giving us a peek into making modern-with-vintage work in our own homes. You don't want to miss it!

Check out House 8810 today, and remember to comment for the friend's giveaway.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends.

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  1. i love the shop! and I'm excited for the photo giveaway but I wish there was another from house 8810 too! love their site. I found so many kitchen things I would bring into my apartment!


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