cabin fever : northern wisconsin fashion

There's nothing as good as being Up Nort' in northern Wisconsin (or Michigan, as the case may be). This month our little family spent a long weekend at Hawk's parents' cabin and we were lucky enough to be joined by another couple and their two girls. We spent part of the time at their family cabin close-by. It was a bit chilly, so they passed around some warmer clothes and I got to wear this brilliant vest! A 60s or 70s original, worn by the family matriarch and reserved for such a guest's need. I may have asked if I could keep it. Too bad they didn't have a wig I could borrow, eh? And while we're hard core Brewer fans, we have a place in our hearts for Seattle, so Hawk sported a bit of golden gear.

But the best was serendipitous. Let's just say that the little guy needed a change of trousers. Our only option was a pair of their daughter's leggings.

Pretty sweet, eh? The kid loved them. Easy to walk in. We'll make sure to break this out in high school lest he start to think he's too cool for school.

While we ate some savory steak and vegetables hot off the grill, the older kids danced their hearts out. Our friends are deeply involved in music, so their playlists rival any professional dj. I snapped a number of shots, but this one was my favorite.

I think our time at their place was my favorite part of this trip. The cabin is built into the hill, 2 stories, with a great wrap-around deck and a long pier stretching out over the most peaceful lake. Everything about the place has character. The deck paint is well worn. One whole floor showcases windows for a long view of the waterfront. The family spends time their every summer so the house is filled from floor to ceiling with somewhat gaudy gold, brass, and wood framed photos of relatives and their time at the cabin. I wanted to spend my summer there! It's further convinced me to fill our own home with such photos. It gives everything a relaxed, familiar, and homey feel.

All in all, it was a great day. The fashion says it all!

What about you? Any random outfits you pull out for good times?



  1. so cute. I love that vest!

  2. those outfits sound snuggly and fun. my grandma always wore a down vest around inside the house over whatever outfit she had on. now i have a few too!

    1. that's sweet that she wore it *inside* the house!

  3. what a sweet post! It's nice to see this side of your lives. Keep them coming.

  4. so fun. looks like your kiddos got to hang out with A and P? This is our first cabin-less summer as my grandparents sold last August after my grandpa's health issues. I really miss getting away from the city (err, I guess I live in a village). looks beautiful, relaxing, and just what a weekend up north should be.

    1. Yup! I don't know what I'd do without this getaway. It's really been a worthwhile addition to our lives and family time! I'm sorry this is your first without. I remember when my grandparents sold their place in the U.P. and we didn't spend our summers fishing and our winters sledding. It was a hard adjustment...


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