fyi : our kids & their names

Hey friends,

You may have noticed in the last post that I referred to our son by his preborn nickname (when we didn't know what sex, let alone who, he was), Ace. I've been pondering this for a while; with him approaching 2 years of age, I'm a little freaked that someone I don't know can call him by name. So I spent hours Sunday night going through every post and renaming the kids. Which bites, a bit, because we think their names are the shiznit. But we have a large enough readership that Hawk and I chose their safety over our awesomeness. You'll also notice that I've watermarked closer to their faces.

Though their real names are pretty sweet.

So you'll now see them as Ace and Poppy. As for the etymological history behind Poppy, I just like that the name encompasses the following in one fell swoop: English prep, Jamie Oliver's daughter, hippie, adventurer, bright-eyed baby girl, something pink.

Thanks for understanding!


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  1. omg, that picture is hilarious. "poppy" looks like a hoot!


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