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Morning Friends!

Well we had quite the weekend. As often as we've been able to this summer, we've taken off to Northern Wisconsin (yes, uppercase is necessary) for time at our family's cabin. We fish, eat, roast marshmallows, take long walks, take lake tours (counter-clockwise) around the lake, drink wine/beer/Mike's Hard Lemonades and generally have a grand ole time. This one was no exception. Ace touched his first fish and Poppy discovered her happy place: sitting on the dock in mid-afternoon, and being. We visited some friends which was friggin awesome and hung out with family. I'll have photos this week after the camera battery is charged.

Until then, let's get down to business.

Autumn is almost here, people. The leaves were turning up nort' and times are a movin' forward. Soon we in Wisconsin won't be able to spend our days entirely in the great outdoors.

Here is my list of projects via Pinterest I hope to accomplish:

#1: Book shelves. As in, shelves just for books. I want to make a good 2 dozen, no joke.

#2: Built-in Kitchen bench nook thingie:

No, really, we have the plans! It's happening, baby, just like our built-in living room shelves and windowseat/bench.

What? You haven't seen that yet? I'll have to get on that!

#3: A lovely, pretty, EASY alternative to side tables in our VERY small living room. Don't know why this one cost $300, but it does. I ain't complaining, I'm just shaking mah head.
Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

#4: Wall hangers made from plastic dollar store items. Why? Seriously, don't you want these?

#5: Something autumn-y for front door decor. Before it's January, like I did last year. (Better late than never? Yes?)

#6: For our basement. I have these clear plastic bins and I need them to be no so clear. They go in our new built-in media wall.

What? You haven't seen our new built-in media wall? I'll have to get on that...

#7: A cute mobile for our sweet lady Poppy. Have I mentioned I am nuts about her? She's my little confidant, my sweet joy. These days are going by more quickly than they did with Ace. I want to know her as she grows and I'm nostalgic for yesterday already. Ah!
Source: google.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

#8: Booties. Booties.

Happy Monday, folks! Glad to see you back this week. Remember to COMMENT because I LIKE YOU and I want to HEAR from you, people! And as a thanks, I do the giveaway.

Seriously. Talk to me. Tell me about your split ends. I care. I do.



  1. I would comment more frequently but I hate captcha codes. Or whatever they're called. PLEASE make an eckbank instead of just a straight bench nook. please. it's my life dream to have one and I don' think it's going to work out for me. so very german. the walll hangers are weird. just sayin'. and i lived next to a water tower in our backyard for six years or so and we loved to run up to it and knock on it to hear the echoey sound. that's all i've got today. :) except when are you coming over???


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