food : recipes by season (!!!)

Oh goodness, friends, I went back to my favorite food blog, Roost, and found that she's organized her recipes according to seasons.

Okay, let me say what is always on the tip of my tongue these days: I read Bringing Up Bebe, then French Women Don't Get Fat, and finally, the most influential, French Kids Eat Everything, by Karen Le Billon--and it (they) changed my entire perspective of food. No need for hyperbole. That is the simple truth.

Now, I cook according to season (and so much more). So though I really want to make a warm lentil soup, anything warm with nutmeg and more, I'm waiting because those are autumn recipes and should be savored, both in flavor and aroma, in autumn.

Oh friends, I do hope you will take advantage of her listings. I'm very excited to finally sort through them as I'm living. Whatever I make, I'll list here!

In the meantime, I'm making this bruschetta & proscuitto bread, and beet, almond, & cheese for lunch tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend, friends. Remember to comment for the August photo edit win...


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