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our little guy last week, cuddling his best friend
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Hey Friends,

I'd love your thoughts. Our 20-month-old has spent the last week waking throughout the night, screaming bloody murder until we come in, and he really will keep it going for hours until we either rock him to sleep or feed . He usually asks for more food, but what he really seems to want is more hugs and kisses. Last night, after responding with water the first time, I would simply go in and hug and kiss him and tell him to lay down. He would do so, and sleep maybe 20 minutes, then wake again. In the wee hours, we ended up pulling him into bed with us but after getting kicked a few times, I returned him to his room, only to have him wake within minutes.

Anyone else encounter this? He has no problem going to bed, it's just this constant night-waking. We can't figure him out, and we're getting really tired...



  1. that's hard on mom and dad, isn't it? when m was 20 months old, she started doing this. we took turns going in w/ her and falling asleep w/ her on the floor next to her bed. not ideal, but we were like zombies and she went back to sleep immediately when she realized we were staying w/ her. xo

  2. I've been tempted to do that very thing! I definitely feel like a zombie in those wee hours... It's good to hear this has happened to someone else. I don't feel so much in the dark. Thank you!

  3. we do the same that anna mentioned. but we do it for bedtime which is actually a bad habit we need to break!!!


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