review : b.o.b. double stroller

We did it! We settled on a double stroller, and I'm SO happy.

I love rummage sales, and I think there are certain things one can buy used without hesitation: lamps, frames, kids' toys, books, and stollers. So when our neighbors sold us their 2009 B.O.B. Stride Fitness Double for $350, I thought it was a steal. It included a parent console, a carseat adapter, and two kid cupholder adapters. Worth $750 altogether new. I was seriously stressed while making the purchase and I may or may not have called Hawk 6 times while he was on the golf course. (the shame). My friend played with Ace while I paced, phoned, and rang my hands. Here's what we brought home:

As you can see, a very nice model in great shape. You know that joke? The one that goes:

A man will pay $2 for something that costs $1 because he needs it.
A woman will pay $1 for something that costs $2 because it's only $1.

I think I got so excited about the purchase price that I didn't really think about what we wanted. We already have a B.O.B. single stroller, which is unbelievable and we take it everywhere, so I reasoned that the double would just be that much better.

Pluses to the B.O.B.:
Handles beautifully. 
Works just like a single.

Negatives to the B.O.B.:
Heavier than a sumo wrestler-turned-TV-watcher.
Nothing special other than handling to justify the price.

So when I got it home, I wasn't happy. Ace's head hit the fabric fold-top when it was folded, and he's barely 19 months. It was an awkward incline for (at the time) 3 month old Poppy. And while we're hoping to double and maybe even triple our current number of progeny, we weren't sure this was the piece of equipment to survive them all. And I also didn't love that it was used. Strollers are pretty intimate items in that they house sleeping, sweaty, growing children. I realized I don't like buying used kids pajamas or double strollers.

Thus I found myself returning to the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. I'd stalked it a bit online and found 2011 models (easily) for under $400. The ratings were through the roof. and I began to see them everywhere. And Yes, I confess, I coveted them! There was so much more to the equipment for the price, like an almost 90 degree incline, adjustable shoulder strap connections, lighter lifting weight, and mesh backs to allow free flow of air or, should the weather require, a weather-cover, and of course, entrance through any standard doorway. 

So I sold the B.O.B. for a $25 profit on Craigslist. I also took the first full-price offer, which was the third contact received of 14. If I was more experienced I think I would have held out for a better offer, or wagered them against each other, but I'm not good at that sort of thing. I was pretty pleased with any profit at all.

And then I bought me a brand new City Mini 2011 for $9 less than I received for the used B.O.B.


Check out our review of our final purchase, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double stroller.



  1. this is just the sort of thing we're looking for for our #2 & 3. can't wait to see what you think of the babyjogger.

  2. What would we do without Craigslist?! We have bought a lot of stuff used from there. I bought a used bumbleride stroller used and I too have mixed emotions as to if it's what we really wanted, but the price was right and it will do for now!


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