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It's happening. We're moving lady Poppy into her own room. With Ace we waited until he was six months, but with Poppy we're going at five because she already has much better sleep habits and we fear we're disrupting them with our presence.

But her room is currently Hawk's room. See, we have a small house (1340 sq. ft) and only one teeny-weeny closet in our bedroom. The previous owners used the hall closet for the husband's belongings, but neither of us like that idea. I'm hoping to build a wardrobe in our room to act as a great second closet, but for now, we just need to get his clothes, instruments, our desk (which we never use because it's upstairs, near the kids!), and a bunch of books out. Then, I need to paint the bookshelf. Hopefully this weekend. Realistically, not.

But I really need to get the curtain rods, black-out curtain liners, and make-shift curtains up. I've purchased dropcloths from Home Depot and I'm using paint from previous projects to put big + signs on each panel. I've not yet decided whether to do the + split between the panels or place one on each...we'll see. I'll give the deets when the project is done, but in the meantime, here is my inspiration (please forgive some of the poorer quality/size pics):

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Honestly, I'm not raving over these inspiration pics, but at least it gives an idea of the versatility the drop cloth can offer a budget-tight, stay-at-home decorator.

Anyone else give these puppies a try?

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. please come over and give me advice on my house! ah! :) i want to hear how those sound asleep liners work b/c it didn't get a great review on bbb's website. please let me know!


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