finding mice

I discovered yesterday that we have at least one mouse in the house. Behind some of our storage bins on three basement shelves I've noticed dirt and dust collecting. The light isn't good, so I couldn't figure out where it came from and what exactly it was. Upon closer examination and with great determination, I uncovered that at least some of it was comprised of mouse droppings.


I hate bugs, critters, and organic goo of any kind in my house. I tend to freak about it. So the kids and I took a trip to the local Home Depot and I rallied up some mousetraps.

What kind of trap? welllll. . . .Back in 2006 I lived on an island in Door County, WI. The house was set amidst a thickly wooded area, so mice were inevitable. In an effort to be humane, we set out those cute little humane mousetrap boxes, only to discover that they were not humane if we left the house/island for a few days, which we often did. Basically the little critters starved to death.

So I purchased the old-fashioned trap. I felt guilty. Then, I snapped my fingers four times in trying to set three of them up.

Let's just say they have it coming, but at least it's fast.

Moral of the story: if you feel bad about the old-fashioned traps, let it snap your thumb once. It smarts. And it sets you in the mood to just get the job done. Immediately.

I'll let you know how it goes. I won't set foot in the basement now until I know we're in the clear.

As I said, I freak.


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  1. Eeew! I had a mouse once, it caused havoc! Mouse droppings, ate our soap (!), got into kids easter candy... let's just say, he's in a better place now! And, I wouldn't feel bad. They carry diseases and they're dirty. Good luck!

  2. True! Thanks for the encouragement!


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