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Hey Friends,

I am part of a study on the other side of town Tuesday nights, so we tried our hand at a bottle for little Poppy and it didn't go well. I accidently left my Mac at Hawk's parents' house, so I'm afraid I don't have the awesome Woodnote interview for you today. I'll have it for you tomorrow though, I promise!

In the meantime, here are a few bits to enjoy:

This lemon tree is coming to our living room this winter. Yes!

Please let me sleep here.

I have plans for this wooden paddle in our living room decor, but I can't spill the beans unless I accomplish it! Let's just say I haven't seen anyone do what I have planned.

I've been eating leeks since reading French Women Don't Get Fat, and loving it. Here's a great leek recipe I want to try!

Like crafting things of beauty (or wish you could)? Check out my newest Reader addtion, Ellinee. Her FREE printables are addictive. Check out my newest download, paper orchids, or this one for French food labels.  Did I mention they are free???

Have you ever tried kimchi? It's spicy and delicious. David Kang served me some almost 7 years ago and I've been searching for a similar version ever since.

I want to take this e-course, then this one for future baby #3, and then this one.

And I did it. I purchased fabric and ribbon for living room decor based on this pillow color scheme. I hope I get around to making everything in time to show you before moving on to tartan.


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