who's you photographer?

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I get asked this question almost as much as are you bored as a stay at home mom and what are you doing for birth control.

We've worked with five professional photographers: Erin Calfe for our wedding, someone else for Ace's newborn shoot, Woodnote for our pregnant-with-Ace and Poppy's newborn, Jenny Duffy for a pregnant with Poppy, and Nicola Braun for a one-month Poppy (but that was a gift because she's our friend). We've been very very lucky to have a great deal of success with only one unnamed exception, and we'd recommend the rest.

We hear a lot about Woodnote's two family shoots. We first met Caroline & Jayden, the married team behind the magic, when they shot our friends Miles & Katie Kirby's wedding back in December 2009. We love their photographic style, of course, but we really dig their personalities.

For our first shoot, they rocked balloons, three different locations, two wardrobe changes, and 4.5 hours of fun. And that's way too much time for a photographer to invest in a simple shoot, but they did it! They were generous and hilarious and it was easy-peasy EASY to be in front of their lens. We talked the way new friends would talk over coffee. So it was a no-brainer to ask them back for our most recent family shoot with lady Poppy.

When we started accepting sponsors for the blog, they were also a no-brainer.

So it is my pleasure to highlight them tomorrow. I know many of you are interested in photography--either as its subject or as an amateur behind the lens, so I know you'll enjoy it!

See you tomorrow:)


p.s. sorry about the late post today. we had dinner guests until late into the night and this morning was a bit weird with the kids. better late than never, eh?

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