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It's almost officially fall (Sept 22nd, right?) and I am ready. As far as I'm concerned, this mid-month marks the start of the new year. Maybe its the 16+ years of academics, maybe its the exciting, colorful visual that presents itself here in Wisconson. Either way, I'm ready.

We recently added built-in shelves and a windowseat to our living room and swapped out furniture with a new sofa, two chairs, and a new rug. You can see a little of them "live" in this post.

I like a neutral backdrop on which to throw an exorbitant amount of color. Hawk would like less color, so my married version is to swap out pillows, blankets, art and room accessories by color to change the room with each season. And with the new living room changes this is the first year I'm really able to make things happen.

I've chosen an inspiration image for each season. I like the burgandy, coral, peach and pink for fall:
Source: hgtv.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Plaid/tartan for the holidays beginning mid-November:

And deep teals & navy for winter/post-holidays before spring:
Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I already have a lot of fabric in these colors for the pillows, and I chose art I can print off (mainly my own manipulations of my own photos and such) to vary between frames.

What are your plans? Any color schemes you like for fall? For what it's worth, here's the pantone color forecast for fall 2012 (I don't really get it, but I know someone else does).

Keep commenting away! We're doing another photo edit for this month and we've got something fun for October!


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