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What are y'all up to this weekend? I've got a little rummage sale planned to help me further declutter and finish up each room before cold weather hits. Today seems like the perfect day for a few of my recent Pinterest favorites.

I would like to do this very thing on our entryway wall, minus the pastel hangers:

Wouldn't this be a magical fall wedding?

I crashed one of these in YMCA summer camp and it remains one of my happiest memories from childhood:

How about this for a little kids room or play area?

This is exquisite and to my eye, something unique. I get a sense most fashion just keeps repeating itself (really, what is new out there right now?) and this piece stands out far above the rest.

Being with my children in small, intimate ways such as this makes me feel as beautiful as Grace Kelly.
Source: via Joanna on Pinterest

Gosh, I would really really really like to make this, as I'm rather obsessed with Hudson Bay blanket patterns. I'm hoping to recreate something like it for our shower curtain, though not knitted, of course. Drop cloth diy?

My perfect kind of kitchen:

Hawk wants to paint our house this gray color:

Source: via Helen on Pinterest

That's it, I'm getting a hot glue gun. This project is so easy that even I might accomplish it for fall!


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  1. the hudson bay blanket is beautiful. I've been eying hooks for my kids lately too, it would be so helpful this fall!


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