yay or nay : white walls

If you spend much time on pinterest or design sponge, as I do, you may notice that most of the spaces highlighted in the past few months show white walls. Variations on white, of course, but white nonetheless.

I'm a fan of different gradients of white in a house because I think it sets a sweet background for furniture and art. Hawk hates white (he couldn't even stand the basement hallway when it was painted last March) so we avoid it in the house, but I like it for a room here and there. I especially like how this couple worked big wall color into a house with primarily white walls.

I think the white thing can and has been overdone in recent weeks, though. And it's interesting to consider how Pantone's Spring 2013 color forecast will influence what we do in our homes.

What do you think? Yay or nay to white walls in a home?



  1. oh, and not bright white. i don't think the majority of people know how many different whites you can use.


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