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I love finding new artists and new work. I'll always want something like this somewhere in our home, but I like bringing in new images whenever possible. The mental stimulation is as interesting as a good book.

Let's face it, art is and should be subjective. It should appeal to some and be somewhat or entirely detested by others. But there should be a quality one can appreciate whether or not one likes the work itself. I formed my opinion of true art back in 2000 from David Hume's On the Standard of Taste, which you can read here should you be so inclined.

And then there is the art you put in your home. This sort of art, I believe, should be whatever appeals to those who live there. I detest the sort of art that is thrown up because it looks like art and matches our design. Popularity or lack of popular favor shouldn't mean that it doesn't belong in your home. Case in point: we will quite likely be putting those vintage liquor posters (this, this, and this one) that everyone else has in their dining rooms in ours. Why? Hawk loves them. And that's what matters.

I get much of the rest of the house. Until we both agree on original pieces we want to spend real money on and keep for the majority of our lives, I work with the mindset that art can be added and subtracted at will. As I said in this post, I have color schemes for seasons, so I've chosen art that I like that fits the schemes for each season.

Notice I say, art I like and then, only then, that fits the season.

Here are three artists I find particularly interesting right now:

Theirry Feuz:

Mike Geno:

Terry Fan:

Three very different artists. I don't love every one of their pieces, but why should I? They should evoke different reactions since they are different pieces, right?

What do you think? Are you a sort of purchase-and-place sort of person, or do you like to change things around as your tastes change?

I can't wait to hear. Art is so interesting!


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