have a lovely weekend

I want to play with these. They're well made, eye-catching, and interchangeable. A mini-set starts at $30, which is currently out of our price range but who knows? Christmas 2013? We could totally be one of the unclaimed lottery winners, people. We could. Had we ever purchased a ticket.

I loved this author's candid writing style so much that I'm convinced Ace and I can try to make our own ornaments next week!

This is the sort of creative contemporary art I get into. And hey, it's about books!

Have you seen this holiday gift guide? Pretty.

I am very picky about what I subscribe to in Google Reader. I've just added this one and that one. Check them out!

Did you know you can buy crafting felt made from 100% recycled plastic bottles? Only $5.50 a yard (at 72" across!) or only $0.35 a square.

I'm really really really hoping someone gets this Symphony in B for me the kids this Christmas.

20 fun Sharpie Projects you could complete before Christmas. I like the His & Hers Mugs the best, if I had cute penmanship.

Okay, I'm zonked. I hope your weekend is just wonderful! We are gearing up for our firstborn's second (gasp, second) birthday on Monday and hoping to make good holiday prep use of the weekend. Your plans?


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